Adding a new entry to the guide

The (almost) Complete Guide to WWW in Israel

Adding a new entry to the guide

To add a site to the guide, please fill out the following form. But before doing that, please take a moment to consider if the site fits the following criteria:

  1. A site site listed in the guide must be about something in Israel, of interest mainly to Israelis, or created for Israelis. So for example israeli branches to foreign companies are included, while foreign companies having nothing to do with Israel are not (even if the person creating the site was an Israeli).
    Informational sites (e.g., information about a disease, a sport, and so on) created by Israelis also qualify for a place in the guide.
  2. The site must have some content of interest to the general public. Personal homepages of individuals are not accepted into the guide. Exeptions to this rule are personal art galleries, home pages of celebrities, and home pages advertising a person's job (in the Commercial section).
  3. Note that advertisements of companies belong mostly in the subpages of the main Commercial Section, while informational sites belong in the other main sections. So for example, a travel agent belongs in the Commercial : Tourism section while an Israeli visitor's guide to London belongs to the Recreation : Travel section.
If there are problems, you can also send email directly to the editor, but please do it only at last resort.

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