Finally -- the press release for THE SPHINX OF THE ICE REALM

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Congratulations, my friend!  I can't wait to get my copy which I'm sure I
will treasure, knowing the translation was done with skill, panache, and a
love for what is truly beautiful.




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Dear friends,


I'd planned to post the press release for my new translation of The Sphinx
of the Ice Realm back at the beginning of July -- but I held off due to
listing difficulties at Here, finally, is the release:






They had the wildest imaginations in 19th century literature-France's Jules
Verne and America's Edgar Allan Poe! The two face off in Verne's
mind-boggling novel The Sphinx of the Ice Realm, now available from State
University of New York Press in its first complete English translation.
Decades earlier, Poe's most controversial creation, a Yankee sailor named
Arthur Gordon Pym, had vanished into the misty, mystifying antarctic seas,
and readers argue to this day about what happened to him. To find out, Verne
penned the most amazing journey of his fabled career-a voyage across the
bottom of the world!

It's a dazzling literary equation. Poe's longest and weirdest tale, The
Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, ends with a colossal question mark, and
Verne's later novel-a mixture of manhunt, sea story, scientific speculation,
and polar nightmare-is his uniquely imaginative response. In a lively new
translation by leading Vernian Frederick Paul Walter, The Sphinx of the Ice
Realm is a treat for science fiction and fantasy buffs, plus it's loaded
with bells and whistles for students, scholars, and the
just-plain-curious-notes on the French 1st edition . . .  on Verne's
manuscript in Nantes . . . on earlier translating attempts . . . also period
illustrations . . . annotated reading lists . . . a new English rendering of
Verne's own analysis . . . clinical assessments of Verne's "sphinx" by two
leading U.S. geologists . . . and a full, reader-friendly text of the Poe
tale that started all the trouble.

Science-fiction great Arthur C. Clarke described Jules Verne as "one of the
best storytellers who ever lived" . . . Poe is an American immortal . . .
and Walter is a noted Verne scholar who has published translations of seven
of the Frenchman's novels along with numerous articles, papers, and media
pieces on his visionary fiction.

SUNY Press's webpage is at offers discount prices plus a "Look Inside" at
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All the best,




Frederick Paul Walter

Albuquerque, New Mexico

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