Vernian holiday

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Dear Bernhard,

Unfortunately the "real" Lighthouse at the End of the World is too many kilometers (300) to the east of Ushuaia, so I had to be satisfied with the Les Éclaireurs Lighthouse, which is indeed a tourist atraction near Ushuaia. That's why the latter is also known as the Lighthouse at the End of the World (it's even a bit further into the South than the former).

But most importantly, the "real" lighthouse doesn't look like Verne lighthouse, and the Les Éclaireurs lighthouse does.

All in all, I'm very proud of the photograph.

Best regards,


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is that really the lighthouse at the �end of the world� (Isla de los Estados � Faro San Juan del Salvamento) ? � If yes, it would be very nice to see some more pictures you have taken from this place.



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Bernhard Krauth

have a look at:

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As the forum is too quiet, may I share some personal pictures?

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Hello All,

I haven't got any postings of the Forum in the past 3 weeks.  Has there been none, or is it just me who is not getting them?

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