20k movie proposal (from 2015)

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Plus, and I am very grateful to Craig for allowing me to do so, when she
comes into Plymouth, Devonport a few days after the calling of the 2015
general election, I am there to greet her (in my retelling of "Twenty
Thousand Leagues Under the Sea") where I board her again and am left with a
present from the Captain that cements my feelings for the Captain.
Misunderstood, maybe, but a powerful advocate for the protection of the


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My book is (mostly) set in the present day - Nemo's long dead, but his boat
isn't, and she's scaring the hell out of modern naval agencies with her
speed, depth capability and manoeuvrability.  She's back and somehow
crippling whalers and merchant ships involving in the illicit dumping of
toxic waste, while leaving a trail of antique of gold bars in black markets
in ports around the world.


But who's aboard, why is she now camped in the North Atlantic, and what is
the tenuous connection with the disappearance of a Deep Watch vessel in the
Antarctic (Deep Watch is my own invention, a small version of Greenpiece and
Sea Shepherd)?  Two parallel investigations begin, one by an investigative
reporter who'd been forced into retirement several years earlier, and
another by a Royal Navy intelligence officer.  These bring them closer to an
international ecological conspiracy.and an avenging legend.


I've striven to remain as faithful as possible to Verne, and the boat is
Verne's 'Nautilus' to the last rivet.  No huge size, no serrated edges, but
as he describes her, with the additions of basic radar, radio and sonar
facilities.  No weapons except her own ram.  Curious parallels occur between
present day events and characters, and Nemo's past life.  She's also forced
to run the Maelstrom for a second time (this time, much more as it really
is).  And.is the new crew really alone on board her?


The book's available on Amazon or from the publisher, Evertype.






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Only praying for one that is worthy!  The past Verne movies never did





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They can film this, with pleasure.  I could do with the money!




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(I hope this information wasn't sent before!!)


After a friend passed me some info that a 20k movie,

Was being made.

I did some digging.

Imdb says that it is "in development"

Since I don't have IMDB Pro, I wasn't able to look up more information, BUT
by creative use of window shrinking, I was able to see enough information
UNDER the IMDB Pro popup to get the name of the producer: George Michael


Searching further, I found this cool link of the movie proposal:   
 <https://k7pictures.com/20000leagues/> https://k7pictures.com/20000leagues/
(the look book)


The proposal was made  for production in the year 2015, but other
information on k7 website, seems to indicate it is in pre-production in


In the proposal, are suggestions for Captain Nemo, ranging from Johnny Depp
at 192 Million to Gary Oldman at 246 million to 5 different bollywood
actors, but no estimated cost for them!

Aronnax could be  Andrew Lincoln, or Guy Pearce, or Christoph Waltz, etc...

A character named Mara:  Mila Kunas, Emma Stone, Lauren Cohen . etc..


Kind of fun to read through..


He compares it to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and even suggests
after marketing like restaurants, and theme parks!!

.. Fun wow..

See a CGI "trailer" here:

Complete with jet fighter, and air to ground missles!


He DID produce Mysterious Island:

It premiered on SyFy channel in 2012,  starring: Gina Holden, Lochlyn Munro
etc. and "shattered viewer records with over 2 million viewers"


Come on. who couldn't look forward to potential sequels: 
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: The Nautilus Lives
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Nemo's Revenge


Enjoy. Andrew





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