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$Id: README,v 1.10 2003-07-07 16:13:33+03 rl Exp $
README file for ~ftp/hebgroff on (

This directory contains the groff support for Hebrew fonts: Jerusalem, TelAviv,
DeadSea, and OldJaffa. These fonts are available as METAFONT, TeX Font Metric
and PostScript files from and other places.
The groff font files and download files in dev{ps,dvi}.tar.gz are generated
from HUJI's files using tfmtodit, awk and sed.

A fifth font, OldJaffaCW, is a constant width version of OldJaffa, generated by
adapting the character width to match the Courier font.

Also, groff support for the Shalom font family (Shalom-OldStyle is copyright
(C) 1990, 1991, 1992 by Jonathan Brecher) is generated from the Adobe Font
Metric files included in the Shalom Package Version 1.1.2, available from and other places. The groff font
files and download files in devps.tar.gz are generated from Brecher's files
using afmtodit and sed.

If you don't want to use the source files, just pick up the files devps.tar.gz
and devdvi.tar.gz and unpack them into your groff font directory, which is
usually /usr/local/share/groff/font.  Otherwise, hebrew.tar.gz includes a
makefile, key maps and scripts and data, needed to generate the groff fonts.

Each of the 27 Hebrew letters is triply encoded:
a) Using the 8-bit ISO-8859-8 code, in the range 224-250 (the X Hebrew fonts
	heb8x13 etc. use this encoding).
b) Using the older 7-bit code in the range 96-122 (i.e., the Hebrew letters
	are mapped on the backquote and the lower case Latin letters)
c) Using Hebrew letter names such as \C'alef', \C'bet', etc.

In addition to the Hebrew consonants, the Hebrew vowels are available in the
Shalom font family and are mapped on the upper case Latin characters, digits,
and few special symbols, or may be referred to as \C'hirik', \C'tsere', etc.
See the file ENCODING for more details.

Comments and bug reports will be greatly appreciated. Please send them to the

Dr. Zvi Har'El     Department of Mathematics
tel:+972-54-227607 icq:179294841     Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
fax:+972-4-8293388     Haifa 32000, ISRAEL
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