This page is part of the The (almost) Complete Guide to WWW in Israel.

*Commercial : Art
*A Different Stage
*Art View 2000 a virtual gallery of Israeli painters and sculptors
*Artificia's Art Gallery
*Artists - Messangers of Peace works of art on first-day covers issued upon the signature of peace treaties
*First Israeli Group Internet Art Exhibition
*Haifa University Art Images
*The Chagall Windows
*The M.C.Escher Page
*The Third Eye The alternative site for art in Israel
*The YOE demoscene group Home Page Demos are a form of computer art and multimedia - YOE is an israeli demo group

Judaica (Jewish Art):
*STaM On Line History and background of STaM, Jewish ritual calligraphy
*The Judaica Archival Project

Personal Galleries:
*Ahuva Mu'Alem
*Avi Rosen
*Chavi Feldman
*Eitan Kedmy
*GilGal - Gili's Gallery on the Web Photography gallery - landscape, portraites, nude and more
*Ido Amin
*Ilan Hasson
*Razi & Omer Calev photo portfolio
*Ron Solomon's Photo Showcase
*Shimsha Jean
*Tamar Schori the chanting of the dying flesh - a media artist and web site design expert is showing a variety of her work
*The Alex Epelbaum Claymation Page Animation with plasticene
*Uri DeBeer
*Yael Segev
*Yossi Lemel
*Zagit-Zviya Netter


Israeli Authors:
*A Different Stage's authors section
*Eran Lahav
*Etgar Kerret
*Gil Rimon
*Idan Rabi
*Ilai Rauner
*Makif Yahud Highschool an unofficial page by students
*Nadav Ben Simon
*Ron Guetta
*Shay Israeli
*Short Stories by Yariv Habot

Foreign Authors:
*Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales and Stories
*Jules Verne

*David Chagai's poems in Hebrew
*Israeli Poetry


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