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This page is part of the The (almost) Complete Guide to WWW in Israel.
*WWW Creation WWW Page Creation
*WWW Indices WWW Indices
*Commercial : Internet
*The Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML)

Structure of the Internet in Israel:
*Israeli Internet Guide various technical information about the Internet in Israel: complete list of web sites, maps of networks, statistics, and more
*Ilan FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about the Israeli academic network (old)
*Internet Domains in Israel
*Traceroute from
*Traceroute from

Opinions on the Internet:
*Protest for the freedom of expression on the net

Email Indices:
*IBM Israel's Electronic Phonebook

Using Hebrew on the Net:
*Evrit - Hebrew e-mail A software that enables the user to write electronic mail from within Word 6 or Word 7
*Globes Sites' Instructions for view hebrew WWW pages including their own font for Windows 3.1 or Windows 95
*Hebrew Message Viewer (NEW) free program for reading Hebrew text files or Hebrew messages posted on Compuserve or Internet
*Jerusalem One - Software Library
*Michtav's info and utilities for Hebrew e-mail
*NeText hebrew font for viewing Hebrew pages
*Snunit's Instructions for using Hebrew on the Internet, everything from e-mail to WWW publishing
*The Key's intructions for viewing hebrew WWW pages

Free Internet Software:
*HUJI's Netscape mirror
*NetVision's TuCows mirror The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software

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