Entertainment : Television

This page is part of the The (almost) Complete Guide to WWW in Israel.
*Commercial : Television
*IOL TV Guide the official guide of all cable television channels in Israel
*Online TV-Guide includes local, cable and satellite broadcasts for 7 days ahead
*TVNet's summary of Israel's television

*Channel 3 the cable family channel
*Channel 4 the cable movie channel
*Channel 6 the cable children's channel
*Channel 8 Culture, Science and Nature channel on cable
*Keshet TV (channel 2)

Foreign Stations Seen in Israel:
*CNN International
*Middle East Television
*NBC Europe
*Sky News

*Bla-Bla Live talk show on channel 33 and Reshet Gimmel
*Click (Channel 1, Sunday, 17:35)
*Deadly Fortune the most successful TV drama in Israel
*Kameri 5
*Lila Gov (Channel 2, Tuesday)
*Mad About You
*Rishon babidur with Dudu Topaz (Channel 2) - the official page
*Star Trek
*The Comedy Store (was on Channel 2)
*The Harsufim this site includes the text, audio, and video of selected sketches
*The Lost Islands
*The Telenoars a youth group which produces a magazine on cable TV
*Zombit (Educational Television)

The X-Files (Channel 2, Tuesday, 23:05):
*The Israeli Gillian Anderson's Home Page
*The Truth is Out There...
*The X-Files in Israel

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