Politics : Israeli Politics

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*Israeli Politics index
*Political Resources on the Net - Israel index of Israeli political sites available on the Internet, with links to parties, organizations, governments and more

Political Parties:
*Chadash Communist Party of Israel
*Meimad - The Movement for Religious Zionist Renewal
*Meretz (hebrew)
*The Third Way
*Virtual Jerusalem's Party Index
*Yamin Yisrael
*Yisrael Ba-Aliya


*Ori Orr

Political Organizations and Forums:
*Politics : Peace : Organizations
*Amana Information about Jewish settlements
*Citizens Against Apathy
*Find out who is the big winner in the 1996 elections
*Golan Heights Residents Committee
*Hebron-Past, Present and Forever
*IRIS - Information Regarding Israel's Security
*Ichud Rabbanim L'Maan Am Yisrael V'Eretz Yisrael
*Israel Democracy Institute
*Life or Death
*No more peace to Israel
*Professors for a Strong Israel
*The Israel Religious Action Center The Israel Religious Action Center promotes equality, social justice and religious tolerance for all Jews in Israel
*Yesha Council
*Zo Arzeinu

Political Satire:
*Dry Bones Israel's political comic strip

Other Political Sites:
*BibiWATCH an online independent weekly newsletter
*Yigal Amir Rabin's assasin

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