This page is part of the The (almost) Complete Guide to WWW in Israel.
*Health Information about health, diseases, and disabilities
*Soils of Arid Regions of the United States and Israel joint project of the University of Arizona and Tel-Aviv University

The Hebrew Language:
*Hebrew: A Living Language
*Language of Israel (ethnologue database)

*Commercial : Law
*Haim Ravia, Law Offices: Legal Links hundreds of classified legal links, targeted mainly for Israeli lawyers
*Win-Din Lawyers community

*Israel Construction Resources

*Fermat's Last Theorem
*Israel Mathematical Union
*The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Mathematics

*News : Economy
*The Ariga Portfolio Omer Shvilli's high-tech stock portfolio

Other Professions:
*BioMOO , a virtual enviroment for Biological research.
*Israel Association for Computational Methods in Mechanics
*The Association of Israel Journalists, Haifa and North
*clinical criminology home page israel insanity statutes, clinical criminology (an israeli forensic science)

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