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01-May-97 through 31-May-97

This page is part of the The (almost) Complete Guide to WWW in Israel.
*TechnoLogica Control Software LEGO Control Software for Science and Technology Education
*Freimann & Bein Best place for Israeli sandals in Jerusalem
*Microsoft Expedia: Tel Aviv tourist guide to Tel Aviv
*Microsoft Expedia: Israel tourist guide to Israel
*Hadassah College
*Lahav Top Executive Progams
*Harel Computers
*First International Bank of Israel
*Regional Colleges in Israel
*Channel 4 the cable movie channel
*Channel 3 the cable family channel
*Iconet Java Chat chat without needing a chat client, only a Java enabled browser
*Iconet Israel Connection Network
*Israel She'ar Yishuv Military Disaster Memorial Page at Iconet
*Radio Emtsa Haderech 90FM
*Keshet TV (channel 2)
*Online TV-Guide includes local, cable and satellite broadcasts for 7 days ahead
*The Health Care Center for Women, Ramat Aviv
*The Megiddo Expedition
*Israel Institute for Biological Research
*Ha'aretz English News
*Gourmet general info on food, wine & alcoholic beverages
*Israel Institute of Metals

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