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01-Jun-97 through 30-Jun-97

This page is part of the The (almost) Complete Guide to WWW in Israel.
*AACI Israel Jobnet from the Association of Americans & Canadians in Israel
*Virtual Negev links and sites, mostly about the Negev
*Nahal Tillah UCSD summer session 1996, regional archaeological project in Israel
*NBC Europe
*Middle East Television
*CNN International
*Spotnik a computer network for the media and advertising cummunity in Israel.
*Asaf Kaftory's Israeli Soccer Site
*Eshel Hanassi High School
*Tabor High School
*Zanzibar the famous Tel-Aviv bar
*Qiriat Haim College
*Qiriat Haim Highschool
*Artists - Messangers of Peace works of art on first-day covers issued upon the signature of peace treaties
*Netmor Ltd. Applied Modeling Research
*The Hebrew HOWTO how to configure your Linux machine to use Hebrew characters on X-Windows and Virtual Consoles
*sunsite.unc.edu's Linux archive at TclTek
*TclTek Linux consulting and products
*ISRAEL Webdesign providing full internet presence at very reasonable rates
*Bnei-Baruch Kabbalah Home Page the practical method to apprehend the upper world
*Internet Business Development Lanoptics Internet Division manages technology ventures that are focused on Internet
*Rotem Moshe Ltd. Engineering & Industrial Consulting Ltd.
*Signet advanced, affordable, web hosting services
*Tamar Schori the chanting of the dying flesh - a media artist and web site design expert is showing a variety of her work
*The X Full Metal Jacket Homepage
*Art View 2000 a virtual gallery of Israeli painters and sculptors
*The Israel Hour Israeli music online
*HaGal Israel amateur radio magazine
*Government Index index of official government sites
*The Office of the Prime Minister
*Ministry of Industry & Trade
*Ministry of Tourism
*Government Publications Office
*Air-force Technical School
*The Jewish Agency For Israel and the World Zionist Organization

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