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01-Sep-97 through 30-Sep-97

This page is part of the The (almost) Complete Guide to WWW in Israel.
*Netanya Academic College
*United PUNKs of Israel punk scene in Israel
*Megatron for your controls controls & instrumentation
*MTP public transportation planning
*Israeli Culture Links to the best Israeli cultural sites online and an engaging feature highlighting a different aspect of Israeli Culture
*Mardanit computer hardware virtual store
*Protector anti-radiation cover for cellular phone or cordless 900mhz
*w972.com business Internet sites
*Clinica On private professional medical treatment of male sexual disfunction
*Red Sea Underwater Observatory
*Short Stories by Yariv Habot
*Makif Yahud Highschool an unofficial page by students
*Ravid Insurance specializes in securing pension funds and medical insurance
*Halev free school assignments
*BMW Israel
*Political Resources on the Net - Israel index of Israeli political sites available on the Internet, with links to parties, organizations, governments and more
*Sauna of Pinhas Description, history, and pictures of saunas, and information about Pinhas' sauna in Givat haMeyyasdim, Mishor Adummim
*Send a greeting send virtual greeting cards for the holidays
*123 Greetings an international site for electronic greeting cards, which also has special cards for Jewish holidays
*Rosh Hashana from WZO's "Holidays With a Twist"
*JCN's Jewish Holidays
*Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur from JCN
*Those Awesome Days Rosh Hashana page from Virtual Jerusalem
*Yehuda Poliker a non-official site
*The Ariga Portfolio Omer Shvilli's high-tech stock portfolio
*Tik & Tik fashion bags chain stores
*Hacaroz lets you register your site with Israeli indices
*Radio 10
*Soils of Arid Regions of the United States and Israel joint project of the University of Arizona and Tel-Aviv University
*Bicycles in Israel
*Information Technology, by the Israeli Goverment Internet Committee resources about subjects like cryptography, intellectual property, smart cards, and uses of net in and by governments
*Yak's Wine Page hundreds of wine tasting notes by a celebrated Israeli wine freak
*Har Beracha Yeshiva yeshivat hesder, near Shchem & Yizhar

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