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01-Nov-97 through 30-Nov-97

This page is part of the The (almost) Complete Guide to WWW in Israel.
*Beit-Eli Pedagogic Center
*The Israeli Civil Service Commission
*Ministry of Education Culture and Sport - South Region
*Israel Export Institute
*Government Companies Authority
*Government Press Office
*Ministry of Health
*Israel Airport Authority
*Keren Hishtalmut Lemorim Ha'al Yesodiim
*Keren Hishtalmut Lemorim
*Ministry of Defence
*Ministry of Science
*Nazareth year 2000 celebrations
*Beit She'an
*Chamber of Commerce of Beit She'an Valley
*Liran Computers
*Zihrono Labraha 1922-1995
*Beitar Jerusalem
*Beitar Jerusalem
*Hapoel Beer-Sheva
*Eyal Berkovic
*Adam's World Wide Wave
*The Israeli Soccer Page
*The Beatles includes over a hundred MIDI files
*Dani's Unofficial Mashina Site
*Leonardo Dicaprio
*United States Commitee For A Free Lebanon with the ongoing debate in Israel about the withdrawal of our forces from Lebanon, it is interesting to read what the Lebanese actually think about the occupation of their country by the Israelis and Syrians

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