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01-Dec-97 through 31-Dec-97

This page is part of the The (almost) Complete Guide to WWW in Israel.
*Undergraduate Studies Syllabi and scheduals
*Division of Continuing Education and External Studies
*Safsal information and statistics about Israeli basketball
*Israeli College Basketball Players in the USA
*Bnei Herzlia
*Israel Basketball information about the different Israeli national teams
*Maccabi Tel-Aviv
*Hapoel Jerusalem
*Hapoel Jerusalem
*Hapoel Galil Elyon
*Guy Goodes
*Randy White
*Ami Naui
*Doron Sheffer
*H Waldman
*Top-Tech Hi-Tech jobs
*Mishbetzet educational book publisher
*The Jerusalem Technology Investor magazine on Israeli high-tech companies and promising technologies. current information on business developments, software, Internet, electronics, semiconductors, medical devices, biotechnology, communications, etc.
*Israeli ISP homepage
*thedirectory's Israeli ISP list
*Canaan in 06 area code
*Virtual Chanukkia light a virtual chanukkia after donating $18 to the Central Library for the Blind in Israel

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