The following pages include colorful pictures of the 160 polyhedra in Kaleido’s standard list. If you click on any of the pictures, you’ll get a virtual reality model of the polyhedron.

If you enjoyed the pictures, why don’t you:

The GIF images were generated from the VRML files produced by Kaleido using the free ray-tracer POV-Ray and a conversion script written by Nadav Har’El.

Roman Maeder ported Kaleido to Mathematica. Take a peek at his Uniform Polyhedra and Stellated Icosahedra pages.

Jamie Zawinski wrote an OpenGL implementation of Kaleido, for the polyhedra graphic demo packaged with his XScreenSaver program (since version 4.16).

Finally, don’t miss the Wythoff applet in Greg Egan’s Applets Gallery.

For Linux users, I recommend the free VRML browser FreeWRL. More information about VRML may be found in the Web3D Consortium VRML Archives.

Άεὶ θεὸς γεωμετρει̑

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