Politics : Government

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*Government Index index of official government sites
*The Government of Israel

*Ministry of Defense
*Ministry of Education
*Ministry of Finance
*Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diverse collection of facts, documents and maps of Israel
*Ministry of Health
*Ministry of Immigrant Absorption
*Ministry of Industry & Trade
*Ministry of Religious Affairs
*Ministry of Science
*Ministry of Tourism
*The Office of the Prime Minister

Other Government Branches:
*Bank of Israel
*Central Bureau of Statistics
*Government Companies Authority
*Government Press Office
*Government Publications Office
*Information Technology, by the Israeli Goverment Internet Committee resources about subjects like cryptography, intellectual property, smart cards, and uses of net in and by governments
*Israel Airport Authority
*Israel Export Institute
*Israel Institute for Biological Research
*Keren Hishtalmut Lemorim
*Keren Hishtalmut Lemorim Ha'al Yesodiim
*Mercaz Ha'Hassbara
*Ministry of Education Culture and Sport - South Region
*National Insurance Institute
*The Center for Business Promotion of the Ministry of Industry and Trade
*The Israeli Civil Service Commission
*Union of Local Authorities in Israel

Israeli Defence Forces:
*Society and Culture : Holidays : National : Yom Ha'Zicharon
*Society and Culture : Soldiers
*Israel Defense Forces The official page, by the IDF spokesman's Unit
*Israel Defense Forces the official site
*Air-force Technical School
*Matt Miller's Israeli Navy Page a summary of the modern Israeli Navy and its history

Israeli Embassies and Consulates:
*Bonn, Germany
*Chicago, USA
*Copenhagen, Denmark
*Dublin, Ireland
*London, England
*Ottawa, Canada
*Philadelphia, USA
*The Hague, The Netherlands
*Tokyo, Japan
*Washington D.C., USA
*Wellington, New Zealand

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