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*Society and Culture : Holidays : Jewish
*Arts : Art : Judaica
*Bnei-Baruch Kabbalah Home Page the practical method to apprehend the upper world
*Global Jewish Networking a good list of many jewish links
*Hadassah The Women's Zionist Organization
*Holy Jewish Texts The bible and talmud in hebrew (allows searching)
*Jewish Encounters of the First Kind
*Jewish Folklore in Israel
*Judaism From Israel Rabbi Ishaiaho Rotter Answering Questions About Judaism
*Reserch of the jewish in Debica Poland research of the jews that were shot by the german in debica (near krakow) poland
*SICSA - The Vidal Sassoon international center for the study of antisemitism
*ShevaNet Judaism Articles in Hebrew
*The Melton Centre for Jewish Education in the Diaspora
*The Western Wall (NEW)
*Toranet Global Tora Community all information on any matter concerning jews includes commerce, jewish education, tora discussions, kashrut, rabbis and recreation.

Jewish Organizations:
*Babasali Yeshiva
*Chabad House
*Nahat youth who like the bible
*Tchila Secular Movement for Humanist Judaism

Jewish Studies:
*Education : Religious
*AAA Torah Discussions
*lessons of Rav Moti Elon

Reform Judaism:
*Or Hadash center for Progressive Judaism a progressive (reform) synagogue and center in Haifa
*The Israel Religious Action Center The Israel Religious Action Center promotes equality, social justice and religious tolerance for all Jews in Israel

Secular Judaism:
*Tchila Secular Movement for Humanist Judaism
*Yes freedom of being a secular Jew

*Baha'i World Centre in Haifa (FTP only)

*The Israeli Atheists Society

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