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*Online : Music
*Commercial : Music
*Commercial : Stores : Music
*Composer frank ilfman's web site a young israeli/german film composer
*Eshkolot - The Israeli artists' company for preformers' rights
*IsraTap Jazz Tap Center
*Israeli Rock - Guitar HQ
*Ladinostalgia the Hora Jerusalem choir specializing in Ladino songs and folk songs in other languages
*Radio Hazak Israeli Music on the Internet
*Russian Rock in Israel (NEW) the homepage of the ru-rock-in-il mailing list
*Russian Rock in Israel (NEW)
*The Israel Hour Israeli music online
*United PUNKs of Israel punk scene in Israel

Israeli Singers and Groups:
*Dani's Unofficial Mashina Site
*Ethnix' home page
*Har-El Prussky's home page
*Shabak Israel's no. 1 rap combo's home site

*Chava Alberstein
*David Broza
*Izhar Ashdot's home page
*Noa Tishbi
*Noa Tishbi unofficial site
*Ofra Haza
*Ronit Shachar
*Si Hi-Man
*Yehuda Poliker a non-official site

Foreign Singers and Groups:
*Ofer Schwartz's Metallica page
*Sinead O'Connor
*The Beatles includes over a hundred MIDI files
*The Beatles - A Collection a display of rare Israeli Beatles related items including everything from albums to new year's greeeting cards, with explanations plus an article about the show that never was in 1964

Classical Music:
*Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
*Israel Zohar The Philharmonic Klezmer
*The New Israeli Opera

Music Charts:
*Israeli Top 20 a very old chart!

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