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*Commercial : Books : Stores

Shopping Malls:

Army Surplus Stores:
*Mr. T Army-Navy Surplus Store, Jerusalem

Computer Stores:
*Bug Multi System the home of computer freaks

Music Stores:
*Commercial : Music
*Entertainment : Music
*The Third Ear

Pet Stores:
*Etzem Ha'inyan Pet shop in Sheinkin

Food Stores:
*Coop Dan Coop Haribua Hacachol

Fashion and Clothing Stores:
*Commercial : Fashion
*Freimann & Bein Best place for Israeli sandals in Jerusalem
*Hamashbir Lazarchan
*Tik & Tik fashion bags chain stores

General Stores:
*Hamashbir Lazarchan

Eyeglasses Stores:
*LIOR Israli optical institute & contact lenses
*Optica 6:6

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